Antique Furniture Upholstery

At Hi-Tech Upholstery & Pelmets, we are the leading antique furniture upholstery company on the Gold Coast.  With more than 20 years in the business, no one has more knowledge or experience in upholstery services than we do. 

There is little more glorious than a beautiful piece of antique furniture.  Its very existence implies staying power.  Its classic lines hearken back to the history that the piece has been privy to.  Its artistry reminds us of a bygone era.

But with age comes decay and disrepair.  And the least durable part of any furniture piece is its cloth and cushioning.

There comes a time when reupholstering an antique is absolutely necessary.  This is particularly true if the original fabric is in such disrepair as to reduce the value of the piece.  Additionally, if the piece is not unique or artisanal in nature, reupholstery can actually increase the monetary value of the antique.

Antique Furniture Upholstery Gold Coast

Antique Reupholstery

Reupholstering antique furniture is truly an art form.

There are so many decisions that an antique owner has to make when it comes to reupholstering her furniture.  It can really help to have an experienced team to listen and provide advice.

At Hi-Tech Upholstery and Pelmets, we can help you work through fabric and cushioning questions.

Do you want to stay with a traditional fabric type and bring out the classic elegance of your piece?  Or do you want to use a more current approach of pairing the antique wood with a vibrant pattern or modern design?

We are able to find fabrics that will closely match the original pattern of your furniture, and we also have access to the widest array of current upholstery materials.  The choice is yours, but our design team is here to help if you have questions – or just want someone to trade ideas with.

For example, are you looking for the delicate beauty of a silk charmeuse or rich damask?  Or do you need the functionality of a more durable fabric?

Our team works with suppliers who can provide upholstery that will make your piece a focal object of beauty in your room.  We also can source materials that will last despite constant use from either children or guests.

Antique Furniture Upholstery Gold Coast

Gold Coast Antique Upholstery

No matter how you choose to upholster your piece, Hi-Tech Upholstery & Pelmets will work with you to ensure the job is done beautifully.

You will also find that reupholstery is fast and affordable.  This is particularly true when you compare the cost of purchasing new furniture or other types of furniture restorations.

Antique furniture was built to last by craftsmen who cared about quality and durability.  By reupholstering, you are getting to keep your high-quality antique furniture and are making it functional and fabulous for years to come.

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