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Hi-Tech Upholstery & Pelmets is the top couch reupholstery company on the Gold Coast for good reason.  We have been working with Gold Coast clients for over 20 years and have extensive knowledge and experience in upholstery services.

The decision to reupholster your couch is not a simple one.  After all, a lot of people are drawn to the “shine” of a new couch.

But there are times when couch reupholstery really makes sense.

For example, if your couch is a beloved family heirloom, you might want to reupholster rather than replace it.  Similarly, an antique lounge is not something most people are eager to rid themselves of.  Additionally, it probably has far more value when reupholstered.  Because of this, investing in reupholstering the piece can be a good plan.

You might also want to reupholster a couch that just really fits your home, your lifestyle, and your look.  If your sofa has just the right lines, a perfect shape, and you love the contour, then by all means you should reupholster it rather than buy a new one.

Couch Reupholstery Gold Coast

Does your couch have good bones?

If the couch has good “bones”, you might be better off reupholstering it rather than buying a new lounge of lower quality.  Furniture manufactured less than ten years ago may not be sufficiently well-built to be worth reupholstering, but an older piece very well may be sturdy enough to last for decades more.

Other ways you can tell if your couch is solidly built are to:

  • Examine the bottom frame. You should see kiln-dried hardwoods as the base material.  You should also note intact corner braces that are stable and do not move.  Dowels rather than staples should join the frame.
  • Look at the piece’s springs. They should be 8-way hand-tied and tailored to give the couch support and make it comfortable.  The dust cover should be taut if the springs are in good shape.
  • Sit on the couch. The furniture should not squeak or rock when you use it.  There should be no damaged, warped, or cracked wood.
  • Shake the arms and back. Again, the couch should feel stable.  It certainly should not be unsteady or wobble.

If your couch is well built, then it is very much a candidate for reupholstery.

Upholstery Gold Coast

Our Reupholstery Services

At Hi-Tech Upholstery & Pelmets, we would love to work with you on your couch reupholstery project.  Our design team can help you find the perfect fabric for your sofa, and our professional craftsmen will ensure the finished product is artisanal in quality.

As an added bonus, any couch that we reupholster will have a free Scotchguard treatment applied in order to protect its beauty far into the future.

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