Custom Made Upholstered Pelmets

When you think about pelmets on the Gold Coast, you need go no farther than Hi-Tech Upholstery & Pelmets.  Renown for our upholstery services, we also create original pelmets that add a delightful finishing touch to any room’s style.  Call us today at (07) 5531 4744 to talk about what we can do for you.

Pelmets, or cornice boards, have been used in interior design since the 15th century.  The use of pelmets has stood the test of time because they bring benefits in both function and form.

Though beautiful, a pelmet is a remarkably practical room design feature.  In fact, having pelmets can save you money on your heating bills.

The way we make a pelmet results in a ‘roof’ being placed over the top of the curtains or blinds.  This barrier blocks the flow of warm air that would otherwise go over the top of the window treatments and be transferred to the cold window.

The lack of flow also prevents the cold air next to the window being pushed into the room as it is displaced by warm air from above.  A pelmet keeps the warm air away from the window behind the blinds or curtain, resulting in less lost heat from your home.

Pelmets also help reduce the light coming into a room.  If you have east- or west-facing windows, you know how bright the sun can be.  A pelmet helps tone down that glare, resulting in a more pleasant living arrangement.  Over time, the pelmet can also help prevent the fading of upholstery and increase the longevity of your furniture.

A pelmet is also a lovely decorative feature, giving a finished appearance to any room.  The pelmet frames your curtains or blinds, while beautifully hiding the hardware associated with the rod or tracks.  It also makes the window look taller and more elegant.  This window dressing can play a critical role in the success of your interior design scheme.

Design a pelmet to suit you and your room

At Hi-Tech Upholstery and Pelmets, our design and creation teams will work hand in hand with you to dream up your perfect set of pelmets.

The options for pelmets are nearly infinite.  We can make your pelmets with rounded ends or with a more traditional boxed look.  You can choose ornate and elegant.  You can choose traditional and formal.  You can choose modern and uncluttered.  Whatever your vision, we will bring your desires to life.

We build our custom pelmets to fit your windows perfectly.  They will maximize your energy savings while beautifying your room.  We can deliver your pelmets to your door or our technicians can install them for you.

Our custom designed and craftsman built pelmets are the perfect finish for your room’s window treatments.  They complete the look of any room and clearly reveal your sense of style.

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