Fabrics and Materials

Hi-Tech Upholstery & Pelmets has the largest selection of upholstery fabrics and materials on the Gold Coast.  This is one reason that our upholstery services are in such high demand.  We can find the right upholstery for your piece, no matter what style suits you.  We work with the highest quality fabrics, including the latest styles from Europe and Asia.  Call us today at (07) 5531 4744 or come to our showroom to see how many options are open to you.

There is a lot to consider when undertaking a reupholstery project.  But nothing is more important to the final outcome than the choice of fabric used.  After all, that is what everyone’s eye is immediately drawn to when they see your furniture piece.

This is why we have a friendly, talented, and professional design team on our staff – so they can help guide you through the decisions about your upholstery.  After all, we have thousands of patterns and colours available in a wide variety of fabric types.

Our designers will get to know you and your preferred style.  For example, many people like light colours that give the furniture and room an airy feel.  Others prefer dark colors that hide soiling and speak of elegance.

Our team will look at pictures of your furniture and your rooms and even do a home visit if necessary.  They will then walk you through fabric options and find the pattern that perfectly fits the piece and the colour that flawlessly fits your room.

Fabric Types

Although the look of the fabric is the most noticeable decision to be made in any upholstery project, there is an additional consideration that is of great consequence.  This question is about the type of material to be used to upholster your piece.

Again, our design team will be invaluable in assisting you with the choices, but here are some things to think about even before your initial visit.

The first decision to be made is whether you want to use natural or synthetic materials in your fabric.  Natural fibers are often favoured for their softness and feel, while synthetics are prized for their durability.  Of course, these days there are many natural/synthetic blends on the market that bring with them the best of both worlds.

You may lean toward cotton, wool, silk, linen, or leather.  Or perhaps you prefer rayon, acetate, microfiber, or acrylic.  Either way, our designers can talk through the pros and the cons of each upholstery fabric and make sure you end up with the right material for your piece.

They can help you evaluate how much use the furniture will get, how the material will age over time, and the impact of pets and children using the piece.

In the end, our designers want you to be informed about all things fabric related – durability, comfort, and style.  They will give you the tools you need to make choices that you will be happy with for years to come.

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