Ottomans and Foot Stools

If you are on the Gold Coast and are interested in unique furniture for your home or office, Hi-Tech Upholstery & Pelmets is the place for you. In addition to our upholstery services, we can make custom ottomans and foot stools that will bring a new aesthetic to your room. 

What is an ottoman used for?

Ottomans originated in the Turkish empire. They have been present in western living spaces since the early 1700s.  They were originally a type of upholstered seat without a back, but today we often use them as foot stools or low tables.

Both decorative and functional, the ottoman is often underappreciated.  Due to its multipurpose nature, it can serve in a variety of roles.  For example, an ottoman can be a decorative foot stool for a chair or couch.  Or, it can act as a substitute for a cocktail table.  Some ottomans have internal storage, making them a space saver for the living or family room.

Custom Ottomans and Foot Stools Gold Coast

Creating Ottomans and Foot Stools

Our talented and skilled craftsmen are ready to work with you and create the furniture of your dreams.

Our team will work from photographs or do a site visit to your home in order to ensure whatever we design with you will be perfect in your space.  We want your piece to be as unique as you are, while fitting seamlessly into your decor.

We will then take the design and turn it into reality.  We use sturdy hardwoods in all our frames to ensure the furniture will last for many years.  We then stuff the piece with materials that will not lose their ‘fluff’ even with repeated use.  Finally, we cover the ottoman with your choice of material.

Whether you want to match an existing piece of furniture or create an accent piece to add interest to the room, we will work to find just the right material for the project.  Our professionals can work with cloth or leather, and they will create a furniture piece that you will adore.

If you are looking for a storage capability in your ottoman, we can absolutely accommodate that desire.  With a storage ottoman, you can easily store books, magazines, and remote control devices inside the furniture.  With hidden hinges and magnetic latches, your ottoman’s treasures will remain a secret, and the furniture will open only when you want it to.

Let us work with you to create something special.  With your vision and our expert team, we will make your ottoman or foot stool look fantastic.

Ottomans and Foot Stools Gold Coast
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